5 Questions To Ask Your Spouse

The Journey Together
The Journey Together
5 Questions To Ask Your Spouse

In this episode we dive into the heart of relationships as we explore “5 Questions To Ask Your Spouse.” Join us in uncovering the depth of connection and understanding that these questions can bring to your relationship. Through shared experiences, we guide you on a journey towards building stronger, more meaningful connections with your spouse.

  1. Do you feel like I accept you and give you the attention you need?  
  2. How can show you more affection? 
  3. What is one area in our marriage you would like to see grow? 
  4. What affection do you need from me? 
  5. How can I grow in helping you feel secure in our marriage?  
  6. Do you feel like our marriage is growing spiritually with Christ as the center?  
  7. How can we grow our marriage spiritually with Christ as the center?  
  8. What is one fun thing you would like to add into our relationship? 
  9. What communication do you need more of from me?  
  10. Do you feel that I am grateful for you?  How can I show more gratefulness to you? 
  11. What topic is the most difficult for you to discuss with me? 
  12. What are your feelings about how we share the household chores or management of the house?  
  13. What’s your biggest dream for our marriage? 
  14. What is one fun thing you wished we did together?  
  15. What is something that I already do for you that you really enjoy?  
  16. Do you feel like we have enough sex?  
  17. Do you feel alone in our marriage?  How can I be there for you more in our marriage? 
  18. What brings you the most joy in our marriage? 
  19. What do you need most from me as your friend right now? 
  20. How can I better support you in your day?  When you are frustrated?  Sad?  
  21. What are your goals for our future?  1 year – 5 years – 10 years 
  22. What is something romantic that I could do for you each week?  
  23. What is something we used to do that you miss?  
  24. What do you like about our physical intimacy?  What do you need more of from me for greater intimacy?  
  25. How can I pray for you? 

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